Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good news in many varieties

Finally a bit of good news.

-Merged all the changes from mainline into the necessary media files. Also learned that meld is, for lack of a better phrase, pretty goddamned sweet.

-The config file works as expected.

-I figured out a way to get the output media file's duration (so I can wait that long to start recording). It seemed that the sanest way was to add a field in MediaControl called getOutputDuration(). This field performs a call to getDuration() on the Processor object it is using for outgoing media. This won't mean a whole lot if the output source is a microphone/webcam, but if it's a file then it properly returns how long the file is. This means that I can call mediaServCallBack.getMediaControl().getOutputDuration().getSeconds() and I know how many seconds I need to wait to start recording. Hopefully I'll have that implemented by the end of the day.

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