Monday, June 25, 2007

Datasources in the mist

This morning I observed how sip-communicator plays out from a file while in its natural habitat. I knew that sip-communicator had such functionality from looking at the code, but as until a recent conversation with Emil I hadn't known how to turn it on. turns out that is as easy as adding the following little tidbit to sip-communicator.xml:

(NOTE: Blogger ate my XML, so I replaced the angle brackets with square brackets. You get the idea)

[debug_data_source_url value="file:///home/ryan/Desktop/"/]

notice that the tag is nested within the tag. The namespace resolution for the system properties follows the structure of the xml document.
Some.System.Property.Here corresponds to [some][system][property][here value="stuff"/][/here][/property][/system][/some]

I also installed JMStudio so that I can be sure that if a file doesn't play in the future that it is my fault and not JMF's

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