Tuesday, June 12, 2007

just realized that the blog is quite outdated

all that business I was talking about before, forget it.

Here is the new new strategy for getting my code to work alongside sip-communicator:

-have both projects stored under /home/ryan/sip, side by side. My code is in /home/ryan/sip/sc-avmailbox and the sip-communicator sources are in /home/ryan/sip/sip-communicator.

-have the build.xml in sc-avmailbox import the build.xml in sip-communicator, redefining targets as necessary to build the files that I've added to sip-comm

-using some ant trickery, make sure that for any files in sip-comm that I modified, my version is built instead of the sip-comm version.

After a conversation with emil, I think that I'm ready to get all the little details in this strategy ironed out. Hopefully after I do so I'll be able to make a template that other people in a similar situation (having to develop an addon while staying current with main) can follow.

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