Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It Works!

I got an outgoing message to play today!

So what was that insidious bug, lurking around in my code, preventing the file from playing?

I forgot to tell the Mailbox to quit waiting after it starts to connect the call. It just kept looping, re-starting the call every 10 seconds.


Right away I noticed that I forgot to set SIP-Communicator's data source back to default after the call ends, so the next call gets connected to the outgoing message even if you click the "connect" button. so fixing that is my next step.

Luckily, the CallListener interface (that Mailbox already implements) has a CallEnded method that will be called when a call ends. So I will insert code there that will check to see if the data source is set to default and re-initialize it if it is not.

Easy, right? Ah, the hubris of optimism.

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